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Leather Care..what am I doing wrong?

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I used the Leatherique 2 bottle kit exactly as described. The rejuvinator oil that was supposed to "lift away the dirt". then the conditioner. I was not overwhelmed with the results, either by the cleaning process, or by the supposed suppleness. I then repeated two additional times, used a soft bristle brush assuming that would make a difference. left the car indirectly in sun with windows closed to heat up the process. I am still not thrilled. Am I better off with a cream or different product? I doing something wrong? This is a 1997 S420 with 72,000 miles.
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I dont know if it is really something you are doing wrong. The results you get will be directly affected by the condition of the leather when you started. This is a 10 year old car and if the leather has not been cared for for many years, you will get just so much out of your efforts no matter what you do.
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