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I see that someone posted this question in January..
Nobody replied.

I live on the coast..thus my top is down as much as possible....
what is the best leather treatment?

Someone suggested Lexol...I wasn't really all that impressed with it.
I used a Lexus product (a gift) and it was okay..
Any suggestions?



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Go to and check out the detailing section, where this has been debate...

Go to and check out the detailing section, where this has been debated extensively. There is talk about some mercedes leather being coated with a layer of something (vinyl?). I am unsure what to make of it. Regardless my present routine has worked well for 10 years, although I keep an open mind and try new things every so often. Twice a year I use the two step Lexol cleaner and conditioner products, which give nice results but take time. In between (every 2 months),I use the Meguier(sp?)=made for Mercedes one step product that cleans and conditions and gives good results. I recently picked up the Autoglym one step leather product, which is recommended by Aston Martin, Jaguar etc. and used it once so far in place of Meguires. I think it feeds the leather better based on feel, shine, suppleness, but smells a little strong, unlike the Meguires. I have heard Leatherique is excellent for really battered leather, but I have not require this, even on my oldest cars, thus my technique seems to be working fine.

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Zaino products are DEFINITELY the way to go

i've tried EVERYTHING. Zymol, Maguiars etc etc.

nothing compares to the simplicity and the results of Zaino's "Leather in a Bottle. Brilliant stuff, and smells like new leather (i apply a coat every time i need to park the car for a few days - with the window down).

I can also strongly recommend their cleaner and wax products. simply stunning results. you will NOT be disappointed. I am a Maguiars convert.

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