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Hi all, would appreciate some feedback on this deal...

2007 C230. White w/ black tx interior, auto tranny, sunroof pckg, 6 cd changer, only 4,400 miles, lease up march 09, 18,000 miles left, payment is only $323.71 inc tax per month and residual is $23,000+ at lease end. I can renew for an additional year or 2 if I wish at same or less payment. Seems like a really good deal so far. Heres the only kicker, the seller wants me to pay one months lease, pro-rated dmv reg, and insurance while the car sits in garage waiting to get transfered. I figure that equates to something in the $500 dollar range. The current lessee said its possible to trade possession of the car in about 21 days or so when he gets a letter saying hes no longer under contract with MBZ. But there is about a 3 week period or so left where the new lessee (me), turns in paperwork to dmv for title to change till its all official. I did speak with someone at MBZ financial saying that people do sometimes transfer possession at the time when the old lessee gets a letter stating they are no longer responsible.

What do you guys think? Good deal? Worth paying a little extra while the car is sitting in the previous owners garage?
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