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2010 W212 E350, 2010 W212 E550
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Hello all,

I was looking for having some options coded on my w212 E550. Things like Agility mode on the transmission, liters left in the tank, AMG menu, maybe even virginizing a new instrument cluster. However, I was not sure what I wanted and what was even possible to be coded/modified.

That's why I started exploring how things are made and after some time the idea of giving it a try myself came to my mind.

That's why I wanted to ask you for some advice on where such skills could be learnt and what software and hardware I'd need. Any courses/video series, etc?
As far as I know Xentry hardware and software is used. Does the models matter, is there anything else to that?

I am a software developer by occupation and I feel like this might be something I could get the hang of.

Thanks in advance!
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