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Learning curve . . . try 2

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Started a thread ("Learning curve") but either it was too long or it got lost in cyberspace or I did something wrong, and it never appeared, so this is try #2

Had some questions on my newly purchased 08 350 CLK convertible (which is currently hiding in my hangar as Irma brushes us).

1) Right rear of the trunk, there is a carpeted flap with wires and connectors underneath. What lives there? I know the pump for the top is on the left, what fits into the hole on the right?

2) Inside the center console there are two buttons - a wrench and an i-something. Careful reading of the manual says the wrench is to call MB for help and the i-something is to call MB if you feel insecure. Do these functions need some kind of a subscription AND does this only work with the M-B phone option (which I don't have)?

3) A/C blowing REALLY hot, found the reset procedure (ign on 3 seconds, off, on again, touch A/C), fixed. How does this get DE-set, why would I need to do the reset procedure? Did I bump something or does this indicate an incipient problem?

4) Need new headlamps - one lens is slightly melted, both reflectors are "crinkled" inside. These are the halogen Hellas, about $400 a set, new, on eBay. Anything special here or just nuts and bolts? (I know I have to pull the bumper.)

5) $16 DVD manual on eBay - worthwhile?

6) Have only one key - is the dealer the only realistic option? (Standard key, not key-go option)

7) Autodimming rear view mirror doesn't. Any controls or diagnostics? (fuse?) Replacement on eBay for $50 to $60, any special tricks to R&R?

Thank you and best regards,

Mike in Florida (which is expected to still be here on Tuesday, despite the TV news reports)
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