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'84 300D/ dakota benz trk. Sold... miss it. "88 260E '91 190E 2.6 '89 Volvo 240DL "85 300D
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for any of you who gives a rip, i learned today that the window switch and the blinker of all things, will not work unless the window lock out feature is plugged up to the switch. wierd huh? i had the console out getting ready to radio the benz, and plugged in the window switch for drivers side only. took kids to school, no window lift, raining of course, and no blinkers. got home cleaned and installed all new brass fuses, still nothing.
had a new switch laying around, still nothing. plugged up drivers rear connection, still nothing. plugged up lock out, everything worked.
i still have somewhat of a problem though, my switches do not light up when i turn on the lights. new switch mind you. what gives?
also, do any of you have a good used passenger side switch?
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