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leaking washer reservoir

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I've tried everything to get it to stop leaking. It leaks right from where the pump fits into the reservoir. I tried siliconing it but then it ends up leaking again. I bought a rubber grommet that fit perfectly into the hole and was snug around the pump nozzle too, still leaks. Does the dealer carry the original grommet? How much is it?
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Yes, the dealer has the original grommet, it's about $1.

I had that issue on mine, but it was leaking on the headlight pump side.
I found that the bottom of the pump was cracked right at the point that it goes in the hole.

I pulled the pump and bought a solid grommet from the dealer to plug the hole since I'm going to switch to euro lights soon.

It may be the grommet, but don't rule out the pump. Good luck.
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