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Leaking valve cover gasket for 98 E320

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Hi all,

The valve cover gasket of my 98 E320 is leaking a lot of oil. I am thinking about replacing the gasket myself. I read the article in the DIY section. I has very detailed description of the procedure and nice pictures but it missed the most important part which is the location of the bolts that holds down the cover and the picture of surrounding area of the bolt.

I tried to loosen a bolt that I though it might be the one that holds down the valve cover but I couldn't do it. I have the special star socket and the extension bar but the angle was just not right for me to apply the force.

I need the help to identify the bolts that holds down the cover.

Thanks for your help.

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Have you read through the stickies? I thought there was an entry for head cover (that's what MB calls them) gaskets. Else try the search function, whether for the 320 or 430 it's the same process.

@ Henry: Good to see you posting, my friend. I hope all is well.
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