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Leaking valve cover gasket for 98 E320

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Hi all,

The valve cover gasket of my 98 E320 is leaking a lot of oil. I am thinking about replacing the gasket myself. I read the article in the DIY section. I has very detailed description of the procedure and nice pictures but it missed the most important part which is the location of the bolts that holds down the cover and the picture of surrounding area of the bolt.

I tried to loosen a bolt that I though it might be the one that holds down the valve cover but I couldn't do it. I have the special star socket and the extension bar but the angle was just not right for me to apply the force.

I need the help to identify the bolts that holds down the cover.

Thanks for your help.

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make sure you are not mixing up the recirculating cover and the valve cover. It is quite easy to recognize in the M112 engine

Thanks for the reply. I noticed that on the driver side, there is another cover on top of the valve cover. This is probably the recirculation cover you mentioned.

I also noticed that a piece of the valve cover gasket came out of the valve cover so the problem is definitely the gasket.

I have removed the two hoses connected to the top cover. Next step, I will remove the ignition coils that's attached to the valve cover.

I noticed that there are 4 star shape bolts a little bit down the valve cover and they are probably the bolts I am looking for.

It looks like the valve cover is not too difficult to remove. Any suggestion is appreciated.

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Hi Steve.
I had the same problem as you, leaking gasket, and R&R the valve cover gasket using the procedure in the stickies by Bansai:

It was not difficult at all, just remove the torx screws (star shaped), and follow the directions.
I recommend that, when you have removed the valve cover, also clean the breather holes (just in case they are obstructed). Mine was obstructed and was the cause of white/blue smoke, that dissappears after the cleaning of the holes.
2 problems solved with 1 job :)

Thanks. Figu.

The link you gave me was very helpful.
Finally, I have successfully removed the valve cover gasket. It's not too hard. I will clean the cover and install the new gasket. I will also clean the breather hole.

This site is the best and it always saves me a lot of money. I got a quote from a German auto shop. They wanted to charge me $800.

Thanks for everyone's help.

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