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leaking something from compressor?

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Take a look at the picture it looks like motor oil. I have looked all around the oil pan and dont see anything leaking there.


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You need to look above. Could be engine oil, power steering fluid or refrigerant oil. Clean area, drive around the block and recheck.
Alright I actually cleaned the area and went to recheck. and it looks the same. I will check my power steering fluid. This actually started like a day after they did the power steering recall on it.
dbackbmx3, first you'll need to identify the type of fluid leaking. Engine Oil/ PS fluid/AC refrigerant. Take a drop of that leaking fluid on to a clean paper towel and you may be able to figure out which one of those (put one drop of each of those fluids next to the leaked oil on the paper towel; try to match the one closest to the leaked oil).

If the Engine Oil is leaking, possible culprits - timing cover gasket, oil filter housing gasket, etc.

If the PS fluid is leaking, possible culprits - cracked PS fluid reservoir, O-ring, PS pump itself leaking.

If AC refrigerant is leaking, the O-rings on the compressor fittings may be the culprits.

I would guess it is PS fluid. Guess how I know. I have the exact same leak. My PS pump is leaking.
It is the oil filter housing gasket. Which I didnt even know thats what what that thing was. Mercedes puts the oil filter in an easy to get to area. Thats kinda nice. I just tightened the housing since it was a little loose and I will see if that helps. Thanks.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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