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leaking something from compressor?

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Take a look at the picture it looks like motor oil. I have looked all around the oil pan and dont see anything leaking there.


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Powerspray is an iffy. except for the "Engine Brite Foamy". That tends to leave a film over overything. Almost too well. Some of the plastic painted parts will have the paint run.
Gene you read my mind. any type of hi pressure spray would not be best for the reasons Gene mentioned earlier. But not overly remphasize but really, never clean a hot engine period. The running painted parts, the dingy looking plastics, etc. are a direct result of the temp vs the cleaning chemicals. If you are not a wealthy man like myself, IMO, just use some degreaser or cleaner or your choice and some elbow grease to remove. there are way too many expensive electrical gizmos under there that will make you regret you even thought about cleaning up the scum and cobwebs:bowdown: but your money, thus your car
Hmmm...wealth must be relative in this case...

Says the good friend of mine with TWO AMGs parked in his driveway!:D
FAR 'wealth' is a relative thing my friend:cool: I am not ashamed to tell you I am a fella of modest upbringing and modest means to say the least:eek: i'm a working healthcare director/not exec...moreover you are by last account a 'healthy' attorney by all accounts:D I would venture to guess that your dollars stretch a bit better than mine in this sunken US of A I & G:D--note I didn't say US of A but that's for another forum on this site:surrender: BTW, when I don't make my next sched. MB app't for ps fix, can you represent me as an injured party from gut wreching this thing around corners when I blow it out & my abdominal wall?:D If it worked @ MC'd's with coffee I'm open to litigious suggestions:rolleyes:

more on subject, pcy, i believe is spot on: to clarify I was referencing my O ring in the sense of the ps box only--< or > a $1 part; not to be misunderstood w/ pcy's orig examples.
and FAR, FYI, I took/take the pics in my drive. I always park them in the garage under cover of night & whatever our mother of nature might cast upon them :); my babies.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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