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leaking roof cylinders

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My wife's 98 230 has developed a bad leak in the hydraulic cylinders in the trunk.
Some time ago I read here about being able to rebuild them with a seal kit from someone I believe named "Klaus"?
First how do I remove them , and how do I contact "Klaus' for the seal kit?
(I used the search function here but didn't find anything.)

Thanks in advance for any help.
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My car also developed a leak in the left trunk cylinder & I'm about 2 drop my car off at the stealership to have them removed. TOP HYDRAULICS is the place where I'm sending mine to get resealed.
I ma curious about this. I have the repair kit for the top cylinder on mine. Are you going to have them removed and then do the fix yourself and have the dealership re-install them ? If so would you mind sharing your cost from the dealer for doing so? PM me if you would rather.

Ice, I am paying $700 at the dealer, that includes getting the cylinders out & putting them back in when they come back from Top Hydraulics in the US. I'm not doing them myself that's 4 sure.
I told them not 2 disconnect them until I got there, went & picked them up today & saw what was going on & I would not like 2 be doing that job. The rear left was leaking but the rear right was also showing signs of leakage2. I sent all 5 off today, & marked them with paint, cause I want the same ones back. My car has only done 15,100 km they haven't been used much, which goes 2 show it's the seals, due 2 hot weather/age.
When I was there today 2 other R170 were also there with the same issue, leaking cylinders! & I scored a roof liner out of their dumpster from a different R170 that was a bit oily, thinking of getting it done in carbon fiber.
I was waiting 4 them 2 leak after reading all the posts, spose just lucky it wasn't the roof that got the leak, that would be a nightmare!
I'm in Japan, the dealer is super careful with taking panels off & neatly putting everything in large plastic bags so no dust or dirt get on em. They also had most of my car done with sticker sheets of plastic on the outside & the inside was lined with sheets of plastic not 2 trash it. It won't move from there until the cylinders go back in, so yeah bit pricey but I'm happy they know what their doing & my car is well looked after.
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