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Leaking fuel line

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I found a leaking fuel line. It's one of the steel fuel lines that runs along the chassis connecting the rear to the front.
I couldn't find a diagram of the fuel lines in my Service Manual CD so that I can zero in on the exact name of this steel pipe. It's the one connecting the bottom of the fuel tank on the fuel pump and filter side to the front.
Anyone has the fuel lines diagram with legend to post?
I think I am going to replace all of them while I am at it, so I also need to know of a good source to get them in addition to the rubber mounts that hold all the lines to the chassis.
Thank you
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Notice the clamp on the line that seems to be moving

Anyone dealt with that sort of clamp?
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I found the lines, they are dealer items and most will have to be ordered from Germany.

Feed Line: $31.00
Return Line: $147.00 (that's the one leaking)
Evaporator Line: $78.00
Brake Line: Two Sections
Front: $30.00
Rear: $34.50

Now I have to find rubber mounting replacements...

Stay tuned for installation pictures:thumbsup:
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