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Leaking fuel line

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I found a leaking fuel line. It's one of the steel fuel lines that runs along the chassis connecting the rear to the front.
I couldn't find a diagram of the fuel lines in my Service Manual CD so that I can zero in on the exact name of this steel pipe. It's the one connecting the bottom of the fuel tank on the fuel pump and filter side to the front.
Anyone has the fuel lines diagram with legend to post?
I think I am going to replace all of them while I am at it, so I also need to know of a good source to get them in addition to the rubber mounts that hold all the lines to the chassis.
Thank you
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The diagram doesn't show the second return line to the tank...
There are four lines, where three are for fuel and the fourth is for the sls suspension
Any idea where I can get some for the 560SEL? Even generic stuff where I have to bend, flare the ends and use fittings.
I only see two lines here. I got at least three fuel lines and the line in question (the one that's leaking) is going back to the gas tank but it's right near the feed line coming from the fuel filter pump combo. All and all, I have four lines where three a fuel related and the fourth with a smaller diameter (thinner tube) is for the suspension or the brakes (I didn't pay attention)

By the way, the image is still too small for me to read the part numbers
Since you are in the U.S. it would probably save you some aggravation if you would sign up for the Mercedes Electronics Part Catalog (epc) so you wouldn't need to wait for one of us to look it up and post it. Free.

If you need something else looked up just yell. Here is a larger look at the part numbers for you for the first diagram posted:
Are you being helpful or do I hear some sarcasm? Do you think a mere mortal is going to realize that there is such a database and then have the audacity to ask for help... "for free"???
Your link is still not clear, it could be my computer but thank you anyway. You can ignore me and my "for free" request...
In the mean time, I will be posting step by step pictures of my complete repair, as I usually do, "for free". I just need to find out where to source the lines and what to look for exactly if someone actually knows and posts a reply as intended by the spirit of this forum.
General area


A view of all of the lines

The leak: notice the temporary seal

The leaking tube connects to the hose that goes back to the tank near the fuel line feed

The fourth lines is for the rear brakes
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Well, I was being helpful...much more so than most and not a hint of sarcasm. I also went to the trouble of looking up your prices on some of the smaller lines in the back by the tank and it is cheaper to use the dealer rather than pay for shipping. Looking at the 10 dollar range for the couple I looked up.

Hope you get it sorted.
I apologize for my outburst, will you forgive me?
I am on and nowhere do I find a fuel line option.
Maybe because I am using a MAC, that's why I can see your pictures properly when I zoom.
The epc is free to those whom reside in the US, maybe even all of North America.

EPC-net Online

The Euro version is $12 (American) a year.
It still requires a credit card number.:( I am not about to give them my CC, too many hacking and lack of security horror stories to just give a CC for something that's not a transaction.
Funny is an understatement; once I got a bill for $780 on flowers that I never ordered on my business credit card. It took more than a phone call to clear it up! Lesson learned: Children, keep your credit card number close and your SS closer.
Back to the topic: I have been googling for fuel lines all day long and no one seems to carry steel fuel lines for the 560SEL/W126. Most have the rubber bits on either ends and the tubing for the fuel distributor and injectors.
If I have to make my own, would any material work? Like aluminum for example...
How about the fittings with existing interfaces on either ends?
I also noticed that the culprit line is attached to another line that goes back at the bottom of the tank via some sort of clamp that I have never seen before.
This is not going to be an easy saga!
Notice the clamp on the line that seems to be moving

Anyone dealt with that sort of clamp?
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I found the lines, they are dealer items and most will have to be ordered from Germany.

Feed Line: $31.00
Return Line: $147.00 (that's the one leaking)
Evaporator Line: $78.00
Brake Line: Two Sections
Front: $30.00
Rear: $34.50

Now I have to find rubber mounting replacements...

Stay tuned for installation pictures:thumbsup:
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