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Any rain will leave an inch of water on the back floor mostly on the passenger side. Any idea where it's coming from and how I can drive a dry car? Thanks. Herb

1989 300 TE
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If you can simulate with the garden hose and get the same result. Then you can cover parts with plastic, like the sunroof, top of the passanger window, door seal, etc. Until you determine where the leak is comeing from to start.

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Hi Herb.

On the w123 chassis this is a
very common problem.

There are a few reasons and places
that can cause the leaks.

Look in the engine bay near the
You'll see a "pocket" where the hinges
fold into.
See pictures.
These "pockets" fill up with debris,
leaves and/or pine needles and blocking
the drain holes.
When it rains these areas fill with water
and over flow into the cabin.

Also remove the battery and battery tray.
Take a close look at the fire wall because
there could be a hole there and letting
water in.

Next is the sun roof drains.
There are four, one in each corner.
The two front ones terminate into the
front doors near where the power wires
go into the doors.
If the hoses or the connections are bad,
leaks are the result.
The rear ones end in the rear somewhere
but I'm not sure where.

The wind shield is also a possible
The rubber dries and shrinks, this separates
the glass from the rubber causing leaks
in each lower corner.

Lastly the doors seals, although not realy
likely but not impossible.



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