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Please help me!! My 1989SEC has a water leak. Every time it rains, the "pockets" of the trunk get wet. I took it to my mechanic, who unclogged the seal, but the left and right pockets are still getting wet. The rest of the trunk is dry as a camels back. I had to place heavy towles into the pockets to soak up the water. The trunk smells like wet a dog. Any ideas? I'm confused!! The trunk itself does not get wet, but the side pockets are soaked. Thanks for your pending help in this matter, Guy.
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Hi sirguy,

From what I understand, the back glass seal on the SEC is prone to leakage. I do not know where that water shows up, others will - for sure.

You might try a search up top for this issue.

I'd not rule out sunroof drains.....

Any recent bodywork on the car?

Does the leak occur if just sitting, or when the car is driven?
I'll look around a bit & get back.

Cheers, MBL
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1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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