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Please help me!! My 1989SEC has a water leak. Every time it rains, the "pockets" of the trunk get wet. I took it to my mechanic, who unclogged the seal, but the left and right pockets are still getting wet. The rest of the trunk is dry as a camels back. I had to place heavy towles into the pockets to soak up the water. The trunk smells like wet a dog. Any ideas? I'm confused!! The trunk itself does not get wet, but the side pockets are soaked. Thanks for your pending help in this matter, Guy.
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Yup, get that tended too asap.. The sooner you get to it the less rust you'll have to fix. Find a shop that will repair the window properly and not just slap it together w/ a bunch of bondo. Pay a glass guy to remove the rear window, it's worth it to save it. Replace the seal and use a genuine, no aftermarket.

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