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Leak from the steering rack

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Hello guys

I have a leak coming from the seal rings/hollow screw on the steering rack gear as you can see on the attached pictures. I know that this is not a pretty common issue but your help is much appreciated.

I also want to make a sticky on this DIY too :thumbsup: so This is a good change to help out :D

The seal rings number is A0249977148 and the hollow screw # is A2109900763 on the epc parts list for steering gear and steering linkage.

I went to a MB dealer and i got the seal rings. So far so good. I'm trying to DIY on this one (i already changed the thermostat by my self thanks to a DIY sticky) but i cannot unscrew the hollow screw and i'm scared to use more strength and damage it. :crybaby2:

Has anyone repaired this leak? How do i unscrew the hollow screw?

Again your help is much appreciated and also this could be a good sticky DIY


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Torx or E-torx ?
I needed E14 lately and whole Las Vegas would not stock the size.
So finally I ordered set from Sears - it is on sale now.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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