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Off topic but do you have some experience about HUD displays and are you aware of the content the W222 HUD displays? Do you really find it useful or just just a must have gadget? I'm interested because I might be able to add this feature to my order but for us it would be expensive (likely €2000+) and I would only add it if it really is useful.
I have experience with the BMW version, which is a full color implementation that includes speed, speed limit, lane keep assist and active cruise information. Most importantly for me it also shows GPS directions, which I find a feature that once you get used to you really miss when you don't have it. The ability to see directions without looking down at a screen (next turn, for example) is an absolutely wonderful feature.

Because Mercedes has not yet rolled this out on the W222, I do not know exactly what information we can expect to see projected or the format but I anticipate it will be very similar to the BMW implementation.

I believe this is one of those technologies that will make it down the food chain and in years from now we will see in most cars. I would pay the $2000 or so to add this feature.
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