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I was hoping someone could shred some light on an issue I'm having with this Wagon

Two summers ago a rebuild transmission was installed, It performed beautifully until last summer when the reverse gear went out. What a drag. Had to remove and repair the reverse gear, I figured it was rebuilt for forward gears only and I recommend anyone getting a transmission insure the reverse gear has been rebuilt before investing, they are known to fail.

The transmission was repaired by a very capable shop and there has been no signs of wear in the oil, its clean. I sent it to a shop 250 miles away to be sure it was done by the best. They repaired the forward spring set and installed a new clutch seal for the reverse gear with out touching the forward gears at all.

So, the transmission was installed and has been setup for vacuum modulation and cable adjustment but it just is not shifting as before.

It shifts with flare under load, going up hill or just gunning it. but it shits at lower rpms. about 2000 to 2100. If your not putting torque on it it shifts later into 3rd. 2800, which seems like its taking for ever and then it bumps pretty good but no flare at that engine speed.

It seems that the vacuum modulation is making it slip between gears under load, and yet if driving gently it shifts late and harder into 3rd.

If I gun it up into 3rd I can then back off and drive it below 2000 without down shifting.

I have loosened the Bowden cable to try and decrease the RPM shift speed. I have the plastic nut on the throttle linkage turned so there is no gap of threads showing and the Bowden cable is at its loosest. I tried rotating the other way and the shift was delayed further.

The fluid is full.

I read about the shift delay switch and I wonder if this could be part of the problem, Could the switch be engaged and it is running like its cold all the time?

Given the Bowden Cable is as loose as I can get it, can anyone tell me if turning the vacuum adjuster counter clockwise to lessen the shifting slip will also lower the shifting RPMs, it seems it shifts at lower RPMs with more torque on the converter.

Is there some way to increase the slack on the bowden cable other than the nut on the throttle arm to the Bowden cable?

I have read of cases where a slack cable caused shifting a 1000 rpms, so its a little confusing to understand it shifts at 2800 with the cable as loose as it will go.

Thank you
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