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1995 C280
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Need an advice here...
Looking to buy a mid to late 90s C-class.
My price range is up to $5000
I am looking at 1998 and 1999 models but can go earlier.

Most of them have over 120K on the ODO
I am having a hard time finding ones that have full or at least some records.
(Carfax just isnt cutting it...)

Major Issues I am aware of on these cars:
-Wire harness going bad and in need of replacement
-Head gaskets leaking

What ELSE would be a major issue with this time period of C-classes?
Was 1998-1999 a good period for these cars? or should I go for an older model?

Also - I do most of my regular maintenance stuff myself at home.

Any advice would be awesome! Thank you.
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