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Mercedes 190E 2.0L - 1986(black with grey)
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Work in progress...

So, here is the story.
My engine was stopping every one minute, my care taked long time to start when cold(cold start syndrome).
Two months ago I have replaced the fuel pump, return line hoses and fuel filter. There was no improvement.
This time I have bought a brand new vent valve, a fuel pump bracket. The old one was rusted.

I have began the work by disconnecting the main fuel line from the distributor rubber hose. From there I have plugged into
another hose to empty the fuel thank. After that I have taked out the fuel pump relay an connected the fuel pump supply pins to the battery.
Everything worked smooth. Now with the empty fuel tank I have disconnected all fuel lines from the fuel pump, filter and fuel accumulator.
I have taken down the bracket and replaced with the new one, wich I have painted with metal particle paint for better protection agains rust.

After that, I have removed the old vent valve and replaced with the new one.

Cleaned the fuel pipes with a strong compressed air jet.
I have reconnected al lines back, filled up the tank, and turn the ignition.
Big surprise. Everything was the same. The engine was stopping every one and a half minute.
I din't knew what to do anymore. The last solution was to unplug the rubber hose from distributor. There it was a small filter that I have removed.
Triyed to blow trough that, BIG SURPRISE again.

The filter was like a dead rock. I have gone in a more lighted place and noticed that there was a thick black dirt.
I have put the air compressor on that filter and removed al the dirt that was there. Plugged back into the distro, pluged back the fuel line, and I was ancious to turn the ignition.
FANTASTIC, the engine was running like a charm. Like a char. He wad gained the lost power and everything was going smooth.

Another problem was the cold start syndrome.
I have removed the OVP relay and FUEL PUMP RELAY. After that I have removed the relays housings and the surprise was that the pins ware weared out and I had retension them using a clamp.

O2 Sensor problem.
Last time I have worked on my car I have noticed that my O2 sensor was removed from his place, instead, there was a big screw mounted where O2 should be.
I have triyed to remove the screw till I realised that it was welded on the exhaust.
BIG PROBLEM, but I had the answer.


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Mercedes 190E 2.0L - 1986(black with grey)
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I have cutted down that fucking thing. Now I have welded back in thet place a nut that was right for the sensor.

My new ride it's all most complete:

- wheel bearings,
- a new exhaust system,
- new clutch kit,
- tie rods,
- servo BOX.

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Mercedes 190E 2.0L - 1986(black with grey)
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Next weekend plan.

Hi all.
I have planned a small work on my benz next weekend.
Here is todo list:
- front and rear ball bearings
- dirrection suspension
- tie rods
- side lights
- flex disc
- thermostat
- etc.
eeeh, I better post pictures of the stuff I'm gonna change :).

Well, I will have two days to complete this...
I'll post pictures from the process.
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