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Largest diameter leather-wrapped steering wheel ?

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I'm guessing it was available in 500SEL/SEC....if anyone has one I have a Sportline wheel to trade...
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That's the one, non-airbag. Thanks Bondavi - anyone have one?

While I think of it, largest leather wheel in the Gen2? 425mm?
The smaller wheels speed up the steering, true. How this equates to better control, I don't know. After owning a W116, anything much smaller seems odd to me.

I do know that driving with hands at 4 and 8, the standard 420mm wheel sits in my lap nicely. The smaller Sportline doesn't work for me. YMMV, etc.
Yes it was and WHY???? If I may ask? Smaller diameter wheels give better control.
Now there's a sensible-sized wheel, ahem..


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