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LA to Toronto

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Anyone coming from LA to Toronto that can save me some money on shipping? I bought some lights from someone in LA and would appreciate the help.

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U can try to post it on, but frankly, I would pay for UPS
Funny how things work differently around the World.
I have terrible experience with government-run USPS. While package shipped from China have perfect tracking program, the USPS tracking is not working at all till they deliver.
To top it - the postmaster here will not even try to deliver packages where signature is required. I have a gate, but they don't have intention to walk past it. They will leave notification at my mail box and drive with the package for the rest of the day. So even I take the notification in the afternoon and go to PO - the package is not there.
UPS driver will honk the horn and walk 200 feet to drop the package on my porch.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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