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l received the annual Spring time Mercedes sale leaflet in the mail last week, for the local dealership up here in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada...So l thought, lets go test drive a W164....Here's my honest opinion...

1. Very quiet interior...
2. A major leap forward in interior quality...
3. Car-like ride.........
4. Nicely appointed...
5. Spare inside the vehicle....
6. Over-all..a better vehicle than the W 163..

1. Exterior styling...either you like it or you don't.
2. The rear hatch area is far too narrow...(l had my golf clubs in the back of my 02 ML, and they would not fit across the back horizontally in the W 164..
3. Burn the front grill....(cheese grator)
4. Over-kill on the front cup-holder's...l wanted the cup-holders to be more functional, not take up the whole front console....
5. The price is "RIDICULOUS".....l price out a 06 ML 350, with some features, and the price came out to $66,000 plus taxes.....(Canadian)....For what!!!!! unproven quality and dependability......

Come on guys.......l'm not questioning the love for Mercedes...but let's be reasonable....What is everyone basing thier opinion on??????That this one, is going to be far more superior....That's not saying much!!!!!My 2002 ML 55 has been in the shop now, for over a week, and they still can't figure out what's wrong with it....l'm sorry, but l can't justify the cost and l have to question Mercedes commitment to long term quality and reliability....Just because some journalists in Germany, and given it a good grading, doesn't mean anything...Remember guys..the W163, was named Motor Trend truck of the year in 1998...Boy!!!!were they in for a big suprise....There is a big difference between intial quality and long term quality.....l will not be a "Beta-tester" for Mercedes....Only time will tell..but so far. l'm not convinced, and quite frankly, l'm not impressed...

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Being a golfer I more than agree with your comment re:putting the clubs in horizontal.In my tests it is still wider than the X5 and the RX 330.

I agree the pricing is a significant disadvantage.I opted to spend the money on the 350 because of the 4 following points.

1 - Significantly better rearview vision than the RX330.
2 - More adjustable seat (multi contour seats)
3 - Larger luggage area than both the RX and the X5
4 - Safety design features
The real negatives were the rather blah design with the ridiculous cup holders, the exorbitant pricing and make up of options, the weak navigation system.

Hopefully all the other improvements will enable us to enjoy the new ML for many years.

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I've driven a few W164s now and find it to be a tremendous improvement over the outgoing model. I'm surprised to read about the styling complaints because most of the people whom I've met in person (and at the dealerships) have really warmed up to the new look.

I do find the pricing of some options to be rather ridiculous and perhaps even unjustified, however I can certainly see why the journalists have regarded the W164 as highly as they have.

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The W164 is a more sophisticated design whereas the W163 emphasizes utility. To show this, here are some of the pics again.

1. The front steering link reaches much higher in the W164 for more precise camber and caster.

2. The steering gear moved in front of the front axle, which improves steering precision.

3. The vent to the side window blows into the door and then onto the window through a laminar flow nozzle. ken noted this a while back. In the W163 the nozzle in the corner of the dash blows directly onto the side window.


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I test drove the 350 and 500 on both courses at the South SF Road Rally on the 22nd (Apr) ....

My opinions ....

Much improved handling, even better than a BMW X5!!

Interior quality seems very good.

Still has that "ML" look to it which I like but, it looks like it has been mated with a Nissan Murano which I don't like ... beginning to look more Japaneese than a BMW!!

Sure wish my ML had those steering wheel buttons!!

The lack of a 3rd row seat and the fact it is no longer a body over frame design will probably keep me away from it ... I think I will hang on to my ML a little longer ... but I was impressed ...

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