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Kleeman Stage 1

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Does anyone out there have any experience with the Kleeman Stage 1 conversion on the W211?
This, as I understand it is the ECU and pulley, and also removes the Vmax Limiter.
If you have installed this performance upgrade I would be interested in your experiences.
I have heard a lot about Renntech, but very little about the Kleeman version.
I await responses with interest.
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carlh94, after I read your post, I did a little searching. I printed out a thread from a forum I stumbled across. There was someone who had dropped off a 2003 E55 at the Kleemann facility in Colorado for a stage 3 setup. The results will amaze you as they did me. If I'm not mistaken, the car came out with over 600+ RWHP. Let me dig around my recycling bin. I will either post or PM you the link when I recover those pages. The modes were ECU, pulley set, headers, and cams. Give me a couple of hours and I'll get the info to you. Wish me luck.
carlh94, I sent you the link via PM. I am also contemplating about doing some mods too! But I'm still shopping around looking for the most bang for my buck. Nonetheless, I'm happy just by doing the window shopping. Good luck.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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