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Kleeman Stage 1

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Does anyone out there have any experience with the Kleeman Stage 1 conversion on the W211?
This, as I understand it is the ECU and pulley, and also removes the Vmax Limiter.
If you have installed this performance upgrade I would be interested in your experiences.
I have heard a lot about Renntech, but very little about the Kleeman version.
I await responses with interest.
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AMG! - 2/6/2005 5:09 PM

if you get them done at a dealer nothing.
I would seriously look into that statement. It was always a well known fact that Dinan Authorized BMW dealers would honor warranties. No true. Before I started modding my M3 I looked into it. Pro Dinan people were always quick to say the prices were higher because the dealer will warranty the installs. That is 100% BS. What it comes down to is Dinan will offer you there own warranty. Whatever that means. BMW will no loger warranty your engine once Software update is made. Simple as that.

Now lets say a Mercedes dealer is an authorized Kleenman dealer. They add 150 hp onto a engine that was designed and warrantied for much less power. WHY would they continue the warranty???? You are overdrivng the blower, the software changes fuel output and timing. There is no way they would pay for a new trans when your stock one blows from the extra power. Lets be realistic here. If you mod your car and do simple bolt ons, they will overlook them. Do anything to increase boost, timing, fuel or emmissions and it is time to void the warranty. Good luck. Best bet is ghet it installed and if it blows take it all off and put stock parts back on. Pain in the butt, but well worth the cost of a new engine or trans.
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