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2007 CLK550, sports suspension, Black Opal on Black with P3 option
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I want to improve the handling on my CLK320. I know that Eibach and H&R spring sets are the most frequently mentioned, but I was thinking of adding a set of Kleeman springs to my 2005 CLK320.

Has anyone had any experiences with the Kleeman springs? I live in NYC and don't want to lower the car too much given the state of east coast roads. The Kleeman's seem to offer a reasonable compromise. I want to improve handling without degrading ride too badly.

Is it necessary to replace the dampers at the same time? The Kleeman springs lower the car only a modest amount. The matching Kleeman dampers are outlandishly expensive. Are they worth the money or necessary to gain an improvement against just a spring change? I am thinking that the progressive nature of the Kleeman springs will reduce the extra stroke load on the OEM dampers.

Any feedback would be welcome.

- dan -
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