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97 E-420 (180K miles), 97 SL500, (93K miles) 2015 GMC Sierra Denali 2500HD CC/SB/4x4 Duramax(55K)
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97 SL500 Sigh. Battery went dead, trickled charged the battery, roll bar light on, top switch on steady... Installed new battery. No difference.

OK, hooked up my new SDS C3 diagnostics, HHTWIN erased several fault codes in the top controller. Lights now ok, roll bar was up, dropped it down then up, it works fine!! Tried it again, then going down heard a grinding noise. stopped and started looking around. I found a plastic piece PN 129 692 01 00 jammed between the top ram cylinder and the metal hydraulic lines on the drivers side. managed to extract it. EPC shows it should go on the roll bar, but sure couldn't find out where. no matching part on the other side like EPC says there should be.

Now the bad news. tried the roll bar with the plastic out and immediately could hear hydraulic fluid!!! looked again and found that one metal hydraulic line going to the solenoid block had pulled loose. I figured now it is going to be EXPENSIVE. at first it looked like it would be major dissasembly to get to it then I observed that the metal lines are held in the block by a plate you can rotate to lock/unlock them. kinda like a key slot. So after about 1 hour of work to remove part of the rear panel covering I was able to get enough room to get in, bend the metal line back into shape and then slowly work it into place in the block. took a while to get it aligned to where I could rotate the cam lock to lock the lines back into place. Tried to run the roll bar and I could tell the pump sounded empty. Yup, it was. about 3/4 of a liter of fluid somewhere in the cavity by now. Filled up the pump and Ureka!! roll bar works and looks like I escaped without damaging the sealing surface on the line that came loose. No obvious fluid leak!!. That's the good news.

Now the bad news. BUT Now the warning light is still on and the roll bar switch flashes when the roll bar is down. Code is for the module, and for some reason can't erase it with HTTWIN. So..... still have problems but mostly functioning. Hard top locks and unlocks. Tomorrow DS and I will pull the hard top and get the soft top ready for summer.

So... Klaus if your reading, or anyone else with any clue why the roll bar light is still on and why I can't erase the one code? I wonder if a switch got mangled in the process, but the diags don't show a switch not reading correctly.
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