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Does the kickdown switch operate the same way as the B switch?

I am considering splicing a momentary switch into one or the other to control the FGS at takeoff? Furthermore does this even sound possible?

I know there are companies that specialize in modules that allow FGS all the time but is that offered for a 300E with an L6, or will I need to have the valve body modified?
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i have not looked at the wiring on the kick down switch. all i know is it turns on while you have the peddle smashed to the floor.

if there are just two wires, i bet it would be easy to add a switch to make it start in 1st gear, but then you would have to shut it off after you were moving or it would probably just stay in 1st gear.
looks like a simple on off switch on the schematic.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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