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Kicherer has overhauled Mercedes-Benz‘s flagship supercar, upping its horsepower while customizing the interior and exterior. The factory 6.2L V8′s power has been increased from 571-hp and 480 ft-lbs of torque to an impressive 610-hp with 494 ft-lbs of torque.

The horsepower upgrade comes simply by means of an ECU reflash and a new stainless steel quad-tipped exhaust. To set off the exterior, Kicherer has mated the SLS AMG with a set of RS-1 multipiece forged wheels. Kicherer also opted for KW's coilover lift kit, which can raise the vehicle around 1.18-inches to help it get in and out of parking garages and driveways, as well as clear speed bumps. After all, you wouldn't want to mess up the new carbon fiber front lip.

On the inside, one can find plenty of carbon fiber accents as well.

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