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Keyless-go, unlocking the door

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Hi, just bought the 2005 CLK 320, it's equipped with keyless-go and I should be able to unlock the door just by pulling the outside door handle.

That doesn't work that way for me, is there any programming that I should do? Any suggestions will be appreciated. I read the manual, no luck.
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Door handle that senses your hand is bad. Need to replace the door handle assuming the other door handles on the car work as expected. There is no coding specifically for what you asked for.
It's possible that both are bad. On the W220 with keylessGO I've had to changed all of mine because of this problem I've the last 5 years. I'm relieved mine are bright silver as that's the only ones they sell pre painted.
Antenna's dont really go bad. Your keylessGo door handles need to be replaced if that's the only problem that you cant unlock either door with the keylessGO key in your pocket.
Rodney, I've got a Keyless Go problem too; posted here a month or so ago. Will be getting a new battery and diagnostics tomorrow (Tues. 4/07). What is SDS and where are the various modules? They sound a lot cheaper than an EIS. Thanks, Donn
I responded to you problem on thread #3 on your link above.
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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