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Keyless-go, unlocking the door

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Hi, just bought the 2005 CLK 320, it's equipped with keyless-go and I should be able to unlock the door just by pulling the outside door handle.

That doesn't work that way for me, is there any programming that I should do? Any suggestions will be appreciated. I read the manual, no luck.
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No programming is required. Does the passenger door open by just pulling on it?

The ignition starts fine with the key in your pocket?
The engine starts fine, the other door will not open as well. Would both handles be bad?
Noticed you stated you just bought your car. Can you take it back to the dealer and have them repair the keyless-go system?
yes just replaced 2001 e320 with this one but about going back to the dealer...
I have stopped buying from dealers many years ago and I'm not going back. :)

I'll do some more research about this problem, thanks though.
Do the lock buttons on the outside door handles work? If so, then the problem is with the sensor for your hand on the inside of the handle. If the lock buttons don't work, you may have problems with the antennas in the doors.
The lock buttons on both doors don't work, however I can open the trunk and the lock button on the trunk lid works too. Is the door antenna replacement DIY?
SDS diagnostic is probably the most cost effective approach.

If, the Keyless-Go key was not correctly programed could cause this problem. As stated, both doors having the same problem at the same time is possible but not likely, really points to a problem common to both doors (something associated with central control module).

Seems to be Keyless-Go system is not communicating with door lock system.

Can the doors lock/unlock with the button on the key? This would seem to point to the antenna not receiving the signal or the key not sending the signal to the door lock system.
Keyless-Go key works fine and the trunk lid works but the doors would not unlock when approaching the car.
1 - 5 of 17 Posts
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