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Keyless-go, unlocking the door

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Hi, just bought the 2005 CLK 320, it's equipped with keyless-go and I should be able to unlock the door just by pulling the outside door handle.

That doesn't work that way for me, is there any programming that I should do? Any suggestions will be appreciated. I read the manual, no luck.
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Do the lock buttons on the outside door handles work? If so, then the problem is with the sensor for your hand on the inside of the handle. If the lock buttons don't work, you may have problems with the antennas in the doors.
Yes, if you can remove the interior door panel, you can replace the antenna. It is located inside the door, adhered to the sheet metal, between the stereo speakers. However, since both doors have the same problem, I find that a bit odd. There are also KeylessGo control modules located just under the "sail panel" speakers. I might start by checking the wiring harness to make sure everything is in place. If you need the antenna the part number is A2098200475. Note that with SDS, a tech can actually determine the real problem. Otherwise, you are just "throwing parts at the problem".
SDS = Star Diagnosis, i.e. the official workshop diagnostic tool. It can test and actuate the various electronic modules in the car, including those that operate KeylessGo.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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