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Key fob unlocking

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My 2000 SL500 has recently developed an intermittent issue (now more often that not) where you can lock the car with the key fob but you can't unlock it. The lights flash when you press unlock so the key is transmitting and the IR receiver is receiving. And you can lock/unlock everything with the key in the door or the trunk, so it is not the vacuum pump module itself.

I think the issue may be a bad connection between the IR remote module and the lock/unlock line on the vacuum pump. Does anyone know where the remote module is located on a 2000 so I can inspect the connections?

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Same exact boat as you with my 01. For me It seems when the weather is really hot, then unlocking with the fob works, and so does the trunk release( I have to press down on the the trunk lid).

does your central locking button on the center console work for you?
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Apparently this easy fix should could make the trunk release work, but only if the trunk releases when pressing down on lid while pressing the fob button

I will be attempting this
Keep us posted if functionality disappears again
Just an FYI update, the IRCL for the R129 is NLA so if it stops working altogether I will have a very pretty brick in the driveway. :(
My door locks stopped working properly again lmao
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