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Key doesn't turn at first try, and sometimes doesn't start either

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Good morning all, I have been having this problem with my 06 Ml350, sometimes I have to try up to 10 times before the key turns in the ignition and starts finely. Sometimes i turn the key all the way to the end and nothing happens, after trying for a couple of times, the car would suprisngly start. The one that annoys me the most is when the key doesn't turn in the ignition, it acts like I inserted the wrong key, sometimes I have to turn the key the other way before it turns and starts fine. After a while the side that was working perfectly would start having the same issue and the other side will begin to work again. since this problem started, I have changed the Aux battery, Alternator, rear Sam, car key, fuel pump, but the issue still keeps coming back after it works for a while. Please I would appreciate if any of you can help me. I hate having to battle with my car key/ ignition for minutes evertyime I want to drive the car, and sometimes I end up not being able to use it. Thanks a lot
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After a while the side that was working perfectly would start having the same issue and the other side will begin to work again.
What side that was working??????????????????????

Do you have KeylessGo?

Did you have the car scanned for codes?
Smack, he has already said that he got a new key.
Yes I had the car scanned for codes. I don't have keyless go. On the first occasion the technician said water got into the rear sam and I had to get a new sam, on the second occasion the key didn't turn in the ignition at all, the technician read the key and said the key was dead, I had to get a new one.
Can low engine oil in the car cause this problem? Or using a small car battery? Thanks
You never answered the question about WHAT SIDE.

What were the code numbers? Make a copy of the dealer bill and hide your personal info and post it here.

What does using a small car battery mean?
Under voltage or over voltage can cause multiple problems. That's why I asked you for the code numbers.

Post your full vin# and I will tell you what the proper battery should be.
You have the wrong battery. Buy one from any M/B dealer and install it.

After that see what happens.


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Without having the entire car scanned with Star and posting the codes, I will not be able to help you as there are too many issues.
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