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Key battery, how much do they last?

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Yesterday I received a catalog from "Performance Products", among many cool things, they offer original MB replacement batteries for our Smart Keys.

In the footnote they claim that batteries last in average about 6 months.

Is this true?
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It's MUCH more the number of "opens" your battery does than its age.
I am on four years on my smartkeys, and have only changed them once on my 92 SEL, never on wifes.
The smart keys dont pry apart as the older ones do. You need to remove the metallic key, and push a release in the opening, and it slides out of the housing. Parts guys showed me!
How do you open the keys to change the battery? Mine looks enclosed.
Depending on the style, the older ones snapped apart (top and bottom) or had a cover that came off. The "smart key" electronic in my 01 E is as described above (it pulls out of the housing)after releasing the catch.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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