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I have recently had my shift lever stick in park. 2 years ago I replaced my brake switch to correct this same problem. When I replaced the switch the last time I opened it up and looked at the contacts. I found the contact going to connector B pin 3 looking as though it had arced. Looking at the wiring diagram, this contact feeds the lighting module (N7-1) which in turn feeds the brake lights and the shift mechanism module. This may be an overcurrent problem or arcing when the switch is opened. I would like to splice in a relay to relieve this arcing and keep this switch from failing. Anyone done this?
Also, the wiring diagram shows a relay, "K55 Stop Lamp Suppression Relay" connected to the lighting module. Does anyone know the function of this relay?

By the way, my shift lever only stuck once and I used the mechanical release to drive home. It has not failed since. I have a spare switch in my garage but would like to eliminate this problem. I'm afraid this brake switch will eventually fail for good. I'm getting too old to have to lay on my back and replace brake switches! Thanks in advance for your comments.
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