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K&N air filter

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Just thought I'd let you know I ordered a K&N replacement air filter for my 113 yesterday :D, I'll let you all know if I see much improvement once I've installed it!

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I know from the motorcycle side that K&N filters arn't allowed to flow any more air than standard filters, i would think the only advatage would be by fitting an induction kit and doing away with the air box but you then have the issue of noise. I stand to be corrected on this but i know they don't make any difference with bikes and you need to look at different manufactuers if you want increased air flow. If only Carlsberg made air filtetrs
Those were the days when you could pop the top of your carb with out tools and lift your needles a notch. K&N went through some kind of legislation a few years back and since then there replacment filters havent flowed any more air than the standard oe filters. That said the cone ones flow a ton more air but then they arn't a replacment for the or filter

Cheers Martin
I thought that the shuttle blew up

i'll get my coat
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1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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