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K&N Air Filter. Improved MPG?

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Thinking of tossing a K&N Air Filter(s?) in the car, was wondering if anyone's had this done and if so, any improvements in anything or is it just a pointless mod. I had 'em on my last cars, and the main improvement was not having to ever have it replaced. Not sure if MB makes a good Air Filter from the Factory though.

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I went to Autozone today and they said they didn't make them for the car and/or I had to order straight from K&N. Anyone know a good place to get one of these things? I'm assuming if Autozone doesn't have it, perhaps I have to go to a Performance Shop....
Yeah, I know, I reaaalllly want an exhaust on my car, but I'm assuming they're pricey (haven't looked into it yet), and when I do choose to sell the car, whenever that may be, I'm assuming it'll make it alot harder to sell (considering I don't put back the stock exhaust), of course who's buying it would make all the difference :)
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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