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Just to say Hi :-)

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Hello everyone. After reading that forum for some time, I've decided to join that great community. At the moment haven't got any Vito/V-class yet, but looking to buy one when I find one good enough... not many of them about and most of them are rusty and look untidy... some of them had many owners, even found one with 23 former owners which says just one thing to me: avoid... probably had so many problems that people was just selling it as quick as possible... thinking about one v220 on T plates, which I can buy quite cheap, surprising it's not even rusty and the only problem with it is glow plug light all the time and an SRS light. It's on autotrader for £1899. Maybe someone knows that van or can share any opinions about it?
Sorry for my English, but it's not my native language.

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Welcome to the forum :) I bought my X reg 110cdi for a bargain price with a couple of lights on the dash (hence the bargain price). Luckily for me, these proved to be an easy fix and typically tatty paintwork aside it's been very good. The odd niggle with windows not working and temperamental central locking...........

My turbo whistles/whines a bit and takes ages to stop spooling but I figured the van's done 97k and I bet it's the original one on there so I'm not surprised it's moaning a bit :)

Buy with your eyes wide open and I think you can't go wrong. No other van offers the build quality, driver comfort and practicality for the money (in my opinion)
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