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1998 E55T Widebody, 1997 AMG E60, 1996 AMG E50
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Hello Benzworld, my name is Matthew and I am from eastern Canada. Just wanted to introduce my self and my new ride.

I have been in love with Mercedes ever since I was a boy, especially AMG cars, but never owned one. After owning my share of Audi's, BMW's, and domestics, it was time to step it up. I was in the market for an E50(I do a lot of importing from overseas), when I came across what appeared to be a true W210 E60, it was up for auction within a few hours of me noticing it, so I did not have much time for research. To make a long story short I bought it.

It is a 97, which means I cannot import it to Canada for another full year, but it will be stored at a friends lot in the mean time.

I am waiting on a lot of pictures, should have them by today or tomorrow, but here are a couple.

My question to all of you is, IS IT THE REAL DEAL???


1 - 2 of 2 Posts