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I had my 2002 C32 on-track for the first time. I was at Virginia International Raceway, running with the Audi Club. It is a "driver education" format, meaning that everyone rides with instructors, and passing is by permission in designated areas. Nevertheless, I came away VERY impressed by what the car can do. I realize that a lot has to do with the driver (vs. the car), but I was pleased and surprised at how many times I could overtake V8 Audi S4s.

I'm always looking for ways to improve the car's ability to handle a periodic track day, and have some suggestions and questions:

1. I used EBC Red Stuff Ceramic brake pads on the stock AMG rotors. They were excellent. Very little fade, and performance was consistent.

2. ATE Blue Race Brake Fluid performed fine -- which is to say that there were no problems.

3. Continental Conti-Sport Contact tires are NOT very track-worthy. They are good street tires, but the grip is weak on track.


Visually, my car sits very HIGH, particularly in the front. When searching for aftermarket spring options, I found a reference to Mercedes "spring spacers" which the manufacturer appears to use to adjust height. Any idea if the C32 uses spacers? I've seen other German car makers jack up the ride height for the US market, and I wonder if this was done for the C32.

Thanks in advance for the input.

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First thing first. Your C32 is far much more a car than a Audi. I have the Product Information on the C32 AMG for MB Sales Organization from December 2000 before the C32 was produced.

On the last page they compared the car with BMW M3 Coupe and Audi RS4 Wagon. The BMW M3 has a much lower pulling power. And the Audi RS4 has bi-turbo engine with lower displacements and gives a superior acceleration, but loses on torque and fuel consumption. The RS4 as a estate is 11cm shorter.

C32 M3 RS4

0-100: 5.2 5.2 4.9
TSP KM/P: 250 250 250
Fuel 1/100: 11.5 11.9 12
Emis Cat: EU4 EU3 EU3

AMG's are legends in overtaking V8 Audi's on a track.



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As far as I know all Benz use spring pads to adjust the ride height to one degree or another. The spacers are marked with pips ( 1 through 5 ). Find out what you have first.
I think your pads may be the same as used on the SLK, and they have an E-Class number:

#1 - 5mm: 210 321 0184
#2 - 9mm: 210 321 0284
#3 - 13mm: 210 321 0384
#4 - 17mm: 210 321 0484
#5 - 21mm: 210 321 0584

#1 - 5mm: 210 325 0184
#2 - 9mm: 210 325 0284
#3 - 13mm: 210 325 0384
#4 - 17mm: 210 325 0484
#5 - 21mm: 210 325 0584

You want to maintain a slight tail high attitude so that you can maintain down force at speed.
The pads as you can see, will not drop the car much, you will likely want lowering springs..... :)
To be honest, I can't verify the above, I haven't seen a C-Class in a while, and can't remember much about the suspension of the ones I looked at.
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