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I am very excited with my new purchase (98 S500 polar white/oyster interior 65k miles). I searched for a while and finally found that special one. Anyway, the car is in great shape except for a few small details.

(1) The horn sounds like it belongs on a tricycle. I know there are two horns (hi and low) but I am not sure which one I need, anyone have any suggestions on how to diagnose?

(2) The passenger side headlight wiper works intermittently (i.e. sometimes it stays parked in the up position) while the left side works fine. Anyone have any suggestions?

(3) As most of you know the seat belt height adjustment works in conjunction with the position of the seat. However, the passenger side will only go up, not down. Has anyone had this problem or know of a quick fix?

(4) I hear a slight rattle coming from the rear suspension when driving over small inconsistencies in the road. My fear is that the car needs rear struts, but I am hoping its just the mounts. Does anyone have any idea what it may be?

I must that all of you at this forum and others for their informative posts over the past few months. It took a while to find the car, but I was able to diagnose and look for the common problems with this model. Thanks in advance for all posts.

First of all, congrats on a great purchase. Your confidence in Mercedes-Benz will payoff when your car will bust a$$$ new cars after another 100K miles.

The 3 things you asked, i dont know much about them, as i never had those problems. But i have one suggestion for you: Get all lubricants changed. It will give you more confidence that your engine and other mechanical parts are running with quality fluids.

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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