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Just Purchase CLK 430

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I just purchase a '99 CLK 430 for $31,400. The car has 44,800 miles on it. As part of the purchase, the dealer(independent) put on brand new Kuhmo tires and had the "B" service done. Is this a good deal or did I get ripped off?

Further, the factory warranty is set to expire on Feb '03 and I forked over another $2400 for an extended warranty (5/100,000 bumper to bumper) that I purchase through the internet rather than going through the dealer. Was purchasing a warranty a prudent thing to do and if so, am I doing the right thing by purchasing through the internet?

Your thoughts on both issues are appreciated.
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your CLK purchase...

I paid $31K for a '99 CLK320 with only 21K miles on it. (Xenon headlights, sunroof, heated seats, NO CD--but I put one in for $400--, new Goodyear tires) So that seems about in line. I would think the trade off in lower miles about offsets the performance of the 430.

I bought a warranty from the dealer (not mercedes dealer) for about $1600. It is good for 4 years 48K miles from MY purchase date and mileage. That seemed reasonable for a mercedes...

You can always cancel a warranty and get a prorata refund.

I've never bought a used car warranty before. Do they give you any trouble when trying to make a claim??
Just make sure the adjuster sees the car before you get it repaired to verify it is a vali...

Just make sure the adjuster sees the car before you get it repaired to verify it is a valid claim.
warranty coverage

I've never made a claim on a used car warranty before so I don't have an answer to your question. However, what seems to be more important to me is what does the warranty cover? I've heard alot of horror stories of how certain warranty companies do not honor claims on covered items if it breaks down due to wear and tear. This seems to be a common angle they use to deny claims.
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