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Just passed 100,000 kms

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Hello people,

I just passed the 100,000 km mark on my '87. Car needs a whole new exhaust system, runs a bit rough and engine shuts off often (I had the injectors replaced in Jordan, but the guy tuned it on Jordanian gasoline, needs retuning.) I also think there's a problem with the car's handling (on the way to Jordan, the car was extremely difficult to keep in a straight line even in mild to moderate side winds, the same guy told me that's because the car was sitting too high, and he dropped it. The car handled much better on the way back, but self-centering is still poor.)
I'm broke now (as is usually the case with any guy on the doorstep of the Golden Cage [:D]) but I'll get around to those issues soon... when I'm not as poor [V]

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