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V230, 300ZX
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Just joined - April 2009 - Long intro - Worth a read !

Glen signing in from Essex, UK
I purchased my V230 a few years ago because my 300ZX was not big enough to get the family and beach gear in.
The missus was over from Spain when I picked up the van from the Mercedes Stealership.
I had seen the van outside the showrooms on a rainy Friday afternoon. It did not have any for sale signs on it, so I was a bit skeptical about writing a note for them to contact me if it was actually for sale.
My note was left under the windscreen wiper and then virtually forgotten about.
Saturday through to Monday were public holidays and on top of that it rained every day.
A phone call on Tuesday from the Stealership surprised me, they were not sure if they had the correct number because the note had virtually been washed clean by the rain!
I was invited for a test drive, and thus started my relationship with my van.

My V230 has been a delight and a pain in the arsenal!
Space wise, it is brilliant, having enabled me to transport an amazing amount of my belongings from the UK to Spain, some 2400 miles round trip.
Comfort has been very good with the leather interior and air suspension
Visibility great, being above the height of normal cars.

I think I overloaded the van on one trip, causing the suspension to deflate.
This was fixed, along with replacement water-pumps (x3) and servicing.

We travelled to Spain, stopping on one trip in the late afternoon at a motorway service station in France. We had a bed in the back, the seats had been left in the UK (they weigh a ton!), Anyway, we snoozed in the back with the radio gently playing and the sun slowly sinking in the sky. There had been quite a few cars parked around us as we dozed.
We were awoken by an explosion of the passenger window shattering into the front seat area. The missus went forwards, rushing out of the passenger door to be confronted by two masked youths weilding a jemmy bar. They were as surprised as us, finding people inside their "target". They were shouting at each other in French, the missus shouting in Spanish, :argue: whilst I was rapidly getting out of the driver side sliding door, without shoes, but steering crook-lock in hand.
They legged it, with me chasing them.
A Starsky and Hutch car came screeching into view, it turned out to be a 3rd member of the gang. :sawzall: He thought I was one of them, as I was dressed in similar dark clothes, so he stopped near me. Now I had a target for the crook-lock! I managed a few thumps into their car before more tyre rubber was left on the tarmac. :bash:
More international shouting and cursing took place before the car whizzed away having collected the other two Arthur Runts on route.
Back to the missus who had been shouting for me to return.
It was now dusk/dark, with no other cars near ours. An amazing amount of window glass was present in virtually every parking bay! No shoes was a big problem! This was obviously a common occurence in this motorway services!
I went down to the petrol station and spoke to the French pump attendant who had seen everything.
"You don't want messing wiv zem, zey haff guns and naiffs!"
"Holy, moley!" :eek:
"Zey come here in, and I give zem my car keys, zey take my car, I keep my laiff ! Two times ziss appen me!"
"Gulp!" :eek:

The police arrived on a normal routine visit, so I spoke with them. They radioed ahead to the toll-barriers with details of the get-away car and then they too sped off at high speed.

A few minutes later another Police car pulled up with a report that the get-away car had crashed through the barrier and then escaped into a local town never to be seen again.

The missus was shaken, but ok and my feet were ok too. We taped an ice-cream poster into the passenger window opening and continued our journey down the motorway to Spain - having first gone to the French Police station to make declarations.
The sub-standard repair to the window glass is still bugging me after a number years!

Another PITA was the air-con. The local Spanish garage said it was an electrical fault, the gas was full but they couldn't fix it in time for my return trip to the UK.
When I got to the UK Stealership, they said it was the compressor and lack of gas, so had changed the part and refilled etc.
£1000 bill, but it still would not work properly. They would not release the vehicle until the bill was paid.
Returned to Spain with the van - no air-con, and they were right, they fixed it with a £5 relay! No labour charge either! - Totally disgusted with UK Merc Stealership! :mad:

Another funny/rip-off incident was with the MOT. The MOT inspector wanted to fail the test because there was green liquid coming out underneath.
"But that is anti-freeze!" I said, "how can you fail a test for that?". Needless to say it passed the MOT!

Anyway, that's a bit of my history, a big HI to everyone and happy motoring to all.
Oh, and watch out where you park! Check for broken window glass in parking areas! :teach:

I need to get some new tyres, which is the main reason for joining this forum. I might as well buy some second-hand bigger Merc alloy wheels. I was thinking 17", or maybe 18". New tyres cost a fortune, but there are some people who have bought a new set of wheels and are left with perfectly respectable wheels and tyres cluttering up their garages....

Can I put these types on ??? Are wheel stud patterns compatible? Is there anything that might cause me a problem?
I'm looking on e-bay at the moment and I need tyres PDQ! :thumbsup:

Mercedes S class alloy wheels with tyres W220
Tyre Type: All-Weather
Rim Width: 7.5J
Tyre Width: 225
Rim Diameter: 16"
Aspect Ratio: 60
Offset: 46 Load Index: 91
Number of Studs: 5
Speed Rating: V: max 149 mph
Tyre Manufacturer: Continental
Rim Manufacturer: Ronal
Manufacturer Part Number: b66471902

SL500 Genuine Alloy Wheels Fitted with Pirelli P Zeros
Tyre Type: All-Weather
Tyre Width: 255
Aspect Ratio: 45
Rim Diameter: presumeably 17"
Load Index: 98
Number of Studs: 5
Speed Rating: Y: max 186 mph
Tyre Manufacturer: Pirelli

17" alloy wheels
from the R107
8 1/2J x 17 H2 ET35
255/45 ZR 17

1983 300D Turbo Diesel
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