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1990 Mercedes 560SEL
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1990 560SEL, 140K on the clock...

Decided to replace the chain/guides/cam sprockets/tensioner after I started to get some chain slap. Got all of my parts for Jono (thanks again) and finished the job yesterday. I was able to remove 10 degrees of stretch and get everything perfectly aligned at TDC.

The motor itself was in great condition; no smoking, very clean plugs, and the chain guides were in decent shape. I could not tell if they had been replaced before, but the most worn guide was obviously the tensioner. Anyway, I finally got the car buttoned up and turned it over last night. I have yet to fine tune the timing, but the first thing I realized was that my valvetrain is outrageously loud. My initial thought was that there may be debris from the crispy old cam oilers I replaced; they were very brittle and required breaking to remove, so I had to fish out small pieces from the cam towers. I am scared that maybe there's some blockage to the oilers and is causing starvation at the cams, which is in turn causing my valve noise. I contacted my resident 126 guy here in Dallas, and he says that blockage at that point is unlikely; plus, I was very diligent to ensure removal of all the old oiler pieces.

So moving on, my next idea was that perhaps my lifters were dry from my car sitting for 2 months. I have not actually driven it since the build so that I can try to isolate the valvetrain issue and prevent any unnecessary cam lobe wear, but I wanted to drop in and see if anyone had any additional input or suggestions. I did not mess with any valve adjustments; could it be that I'll need to readjust the valves to compensate for the large degree of chain stretch I removed? Or is it a simple take the car out and stretch it's legs a little to get the blood flowing type thing?

Teutone, I read your "good news for me" thread (awesome thread, btw) and you had some very useful information in there regarding some of the noise you were experiencing on the right bank of your 500; does anybody else out there have any input on what a normal 560 valvetrain should sound like?

I wish I had another 560 here in Dallas to compare to.....

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Congrats on the timing chain job. Do the timing marks line up?
I am not the expert here, but a good condition valve train should have no noticeable ticking (valve covers on?).
Your car has hydraulic / self adjusting lifters, but different size shims are available to compensate.
Have you checked the cams / lobes for excessive wear?
Where does the ticking come from (side)?
At your mileage, the car is due for a head job, at the very least on the passenger side (U.S. version), if that hasn't been done yet.
An expert should check the rocker arms / lifters / the whole valve train.
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