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I just bought a 1994 SL 320, very nice hunter green with tan leather....MB radio and 6 CD changer and works like it was new...the car only had about 48,000 miles on it, was bought new in 94' from family. I paid $18,000 for the car was that a good price? I have sence put about $4000 dollars in repairs from the dealer there is a list of things that i have done...the reason is the car was never started for about the past 5 years....I really love the car and the dealer now says it is in near perfect im going through the debate of should I sell and take a few thound dollar loss are keep it'
will maintenance kill me on this car, I have had 2 300SD's and 1 300D, great cars but they were diesels and require far less maintenance
Although I would say I would really miss all the looks, shouts, and thums up is I did get rid of the car
Please let me know what you think and of any known issues that I should consider that these cars may have...
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