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just bought an '81 300D!

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Hello everyone!

I just recently got into diesel Mercedes vehicles (from tinkering on my uncle's '78 300D) and well I decided I wanted one of my own, so I bought an '81 300D! I fell in love with it when I test drove it! The blue MBTex? interior is in pretty good shape (no tears), 197,000 miles - no smoke from engine!, mostly rust-free California car, drives beautifully. All the vacuum locks (doors, trunk, fuel) seem to work flawlessly and the engine shuts off immediately w/ the key. A/C even blows bone cold, but unfortunately the automatic climate control goes 'funky' and switches from full-cold to full-hot (doesn't really let me select something in the middle). Any ideas on that? It has some clear coat 'burning' on the roof - but aside from that, the paint is in good shape. It is silver in color - with what seems to be a very very slight tint of blue. Who knows, maybe I'm seeing things - but 3 others seem to agree with me that it has the slightest blue tint to it. Makes me wonder what the name of this colors is... Pics will be available on my website once I get the film developed and scanned. :)

Anyway - being new to the Mercedes scene, I was wondering if anyone could tell me some good 'resources' for parts and other information for this car? My goal is to make this car into a reliable car that I could use daily - so any tips would also be greatly appreciated! Thanks, and happy motoring!

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Re: Online Resources:

Rusty is unbelivable! Trust me - shop around at every other place and then go to rusty! He's got the best prices and I get my stuff the next day (with ground shipping)!
here's a pic

Heya again,

Thanks for the website links! I'm sure I'll be using them soon - I need to do some 'preventive maintenance' items on the car and the prices online seem a lot more reasonable than any of the shops around San Jose. Just thought I'd slip in a pic...its photoshopped slightly - the original pic had the license plate reflection and it was really distracting.

On a side note - I took the car out to S. Lake Tahoe over the weekend and it made the 4.5hr trip just fine. I treated it to an oil/filters change using Rotella 15w-40 and some Hengst filters while I was there - it made a huge difference in engine smoothness! I got quite a few compliments about the car while I was up there as well. Must look really funny for a 24-yr old driving a classy W123 diesel Mercedes. [:D] I don't care though - I love the car very much! I got 25.5mpg for that trip...which I think is about normal considering I was driving 65-75mph on the flat parts and around 50-65mph uphill. It did a lot better than expected considering its a non-turbo!


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Very nice! Car looks beautiful! I know what you mean about the young guy in older car - my...

Very nice! Car looks beautiful! I know what you mean about the young guy in older car - my son drives the 1976 240D and people just stare! It's pretty funny. Good luck with the car, my '80 300D non-turbo is my original and one of my favorites! Great car - have fun with it!
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